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Amazing Tips to Get Free Backlinks for SEO

SEO backlinks are a must for any serious blogger who wants to succeed on the internet. The challenge of every internet marketer is to get high quality “do follow” backlinks and if possible free backlinks that will help in ranking your sites in search engines.

Unfortunately the competition for backlinks is getting stiffer by the day and people have almost the same way of getting backlinks. The challenge is therefore to differentiate yourself from the competition by doing more than what others are doing and finding sources that others don’t normally use.

Let’s face it most people usually get their backlinks from blogs and in some instances from forums. Of course I am also aware of the use of social signals but these are not a major ranking factor used by the search engines. Otherwise the biggest ranking factors are contextual backlinks from blogs and forums.

Since almost everyone else is focusing on blogs and forums to get SEO backlinks we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition and therefore get more marks from the search engines. The search engines should be see us as different from anybody else.

The trick is therefore to find other means and ways of getting backlinks to rank your blogs or youtube videos. This requires a bit of creativity and this post has been created to help you by sharing some tips on how to get these tips.

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Other Ways To Get SEO Backlinks Other Than From Blogs and Forums

1. Edu Resource Pages Backlinks.

All SEO experts know that that backlinks from .edu domains are the most sought after and have the respect of google and other search engines.

Therefore besides the blogs .edu domains have resource pages that in most cases are the most visited pages of university blogs and websites.

Resource pages are full links to pages that are helpful to students and lecturers.

To get listed on these resource pages you need to contact the webmasters and request them to add your site to the resource page.

To find these resource pages you can use the following search strings. “your keyword” “your keyword” + “resources” “your keyword” + inurl:links “your keyword” + “other sites”

There really is no harm in trying your luck as a few backlinks from these pages can do wonders to your search engine rankings.

2.Using Check My Links to Find Broken Links.

Blogs like any business die which means there could be all sorts of dead links on resource pages etc. We can therefore take this opportunity for backlinks.

In this case you can contact the webmaster to notify them of broken links and suggest your site as a replacement.

To find relevant resource pages that are related to your niche there are some suggested search strings that you can use:

“fitness” + “resource page”

“fitness” + “resources”

“fitness” + “recommended sites”

Once you find a resource page that interests you can use a Chrome Extension Check My Links.

“fitness” + “links”

3. Web 2.0 Profiles

Another easy way you can get backlinks is through the creation of web 2.0 sites profiles. Most of these links are “do follow” and can provide high page rank link juice to your website or blog.

These web 2.0 websites include among many others, etc.

You will be surprised at the results you can get by getting web 2.0 backlinks which most people ignore. You can find more details on how to get other web 2.0 backlinks besides the profiles.

4. Relevant Lists and Resource Directories

Google has of late being talking about the importance of relevance of links. It would appear that google are going in the direction of valuing relevant links.

One way we can get relevant links is through having our site links on relevant lists and resource directories. These lists attract people interested in a particular topic. These lists can can cover topics from weight loss, natural remedies etc,

Any serious backlink campaign should work towards getting these high quality, highly relevant backlinks.

But how can we find these highly relevant lists and resource directories. The following search strings can help in finding these list effectively and efficiently:

“Keyword phrase” + “add url”

“Keyword phrase” + “add site”

“Keyword phrase” + “add website”

For example, if you’re looking to build backlinks to a home remedies-related site, you can search for:

“home remedies” + “add url”

The search engines will return a huge list of sites that you can approach for listing.

Tip: Keep a record of all the sites that you have reviewed so that you don’t have to go to them again.

5. Easy EDU and GOV Links

Almost all SEO experts agree that google values links from .edu and .gov sites. Getting a contextual backlink from such sites is worth a thousand if not thousands of low authority SEO backlinks. We therefore ought to find creative ways to get these coveted backlinks.

One way of getting links from these sites is to leave useful comments on .edu blogs and .gov blogs. The trick is to find these sites that allow you to leave comments on them. One way of finding such blogs is to search on google by typing the following: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”

However as we all know comment backlinks have value but are less valuable than contextual backlinks. We therefore need to find a way to be able to post articles on an .edu blog. To do this we need to be really creative.

I hope that you guys are aware that students in colleges are given some web space that they can use for anything they want as long as it is not offensive. These spaces are on .edu sites as you can imagine.

If you can manage to convince a college student to post something on his space you can get a valuable contextual backlinks. As you can see posting a whole blog post can be like SEO gold.

You can do this by going to the nearest colleges and asking for help from students in exchange for something in exchange.

If this is not possible you can contact friends and relatives in colleges. We all have someone related to us who is in college. It could be a brother, sister, cousin even as son or daughter for some. You can contact them for their assistance in this respect.

Finally I would like to ask you take action and get these free backlinks that can skyrocket your rankings in no time when you combine them with your other SEO backlinks campaigns.

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